Solar Controlled Drone


This is a sought-after project for developing a solar-enabled drone that operates on a 5.0 volts input, completely controlled by a central hub allowing the users to monitor the drones’ location, control and track the movement, and send and receive encrypted codes.

Specifically the drone has a dual camera, one at the front face and another at the rear view. Both cameras are designed to transmit continuous packets of real-time data to the central system for the processing. The drones are packed with all the latest airborne sensors, high definition cameras, electric motors and landing gears.

Flight Controller is deemed as the brain of drones. It is one of the vital circuitry that plays an integral part in controlling, regulating and handling the overall process of propulsion within a drone. Recent advancements in drone technology have reached to a higher level with the advent of in-built solar panels that powers them up for reaching extended flight time.

The use of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) overcomes the limitations of traditional methods of traffic data collection. With the ability to cover large areas along with its mobility and complexity, drones deliver adequate amount of data which enables precise vehicle location and movement monitoring. These drones consist of airborne sensors for data collection which provide high quality traffic data relevant in both time and space.

Think of a system that provides all the information needed to regulate the flow of traffic, route vehicles and respond swiftly to emergencies. And all these for a fraction of the cost of piloting a helicopter. To find out more about our Drone Concept, get in touch with our experts. 



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