The Smart Sanitizing System


The Best Solution to sanitize yourself

We are living in the pandemic era of Covid-19 where people started to become more conscious of their health and hygiene, and looking for solutions and products that helps them in staying healthy and germ free. The mission with our innovation is to offer a convenient and cost effective tool which helps consumers to sanitize  and disinfect all germs and bacteria on any human body right before entering any door.

Our Innovative device can be used in schools, hospitals, companies, government offices, homes and many other places. 


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It is the Smart Sanitizing System door frame that could be easily installed on any door from the outside. The frame offers an innovative solution for eliminating bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses, algae, and amoebae from anyone entering through the door frame. All you need to do is stand under the frame and allow it 3 seconds to spray in all directions, cleaning and disinfecting all objects underneath the frame, allowing you to walk out of it completely sanitized and germ-free.

We built the SSS to be convenient and easy to install and simple to manage, operate and maintain.

The device can remain working up to 3,000 sprays in one tank only without any refills required.

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Basel Obied the founder of Inception Innovation said: We built the frame in the sense that no single screw has been used to build it. The interior contains spraying technology, a connected tank, mechanical and engineering software, and a motion sensor to detect any moving objects underneath it. The exterior is mat coated to ensure a slick and silky look and feel. The top part of the frame is made adjustable so as to fit any door size and width.

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Adjustable size to fit any door frame, with a very elegant design. 

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Intelligent system to identify people's heights and spray the whole body in only 3 seconds.

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The frame is heat resistant produced from high-quality Aluminium material safe from any major risks.