The Media Virus


Dubai Research Team

Can media affect our way of thinking?

Absolutely yes!

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In this era, we became information consumers, millions of posts, pictures and videos are getting posted every single second and it is all for us to consume, especially when each media outlet is trying to transfer their information to you in a way or another.

When social media started, we felt great that we are able to post and share and comment and be part of the digital community, but now we can feel that it is affecting us in a bad way when we became consumers of these information.

In a research made by Inception Innovation in 2019, the team found out that “62% of the information posted online doesn’t have any scientific or logical evidence behind it” and most people are posting information for the sake of becoming famous or generating an X number of views.

Bad news tends to spread 4 times faster than any good news, and that is due to the fact that our psychology and our natural tendency for worrying is more prevalent than believing in positive information and so we tend to pay attention to more negative information rather than positive ones.

Some people will agree and others will not, but the question here is for the people who want to become conscious and more alert of what’s happening around, how are we able to filter through these million bits of information and content on social media to truly extract the ones which are beneficial for us?

The answer here is simple, all we need is to stay aware of the information which we are not just reading but actually believing and passing it on into our brains and belief system. Your healthy brain must consume good material to grow in a healthy manner or otherwise it will become toxic and sometimes work against you. Treat your brain like you are treating your body, fast information is like fast food, it can instantly fuel your body but it’s not good for the long run.

Don’t feed your brain that toxicity (fat, sugar and other toxic material), instead give it a great nutritional and healthy information to have the clarity that you deserve to have.

“People are panicking because of the media’s coverage of Covid 19”

Throughout the history of humanity, we fought hundreds of viruses and bacteria and epidemics, the only reason why the panic and the fear were contained was because of the scarcity of social media and digital communication. Should social media been active back then, then perhaps panic would’ve also immerged as a consequence of these events.

Your awareness will become your filter mechanism; your consciousness will determine the right from wrong, and it’s up to you to decide what to believe and what to discard.

Be safe, be aware and stay calm down.

We will defeat the Media Virus.