Corona and Remote working environment


Basel Obied

With the recent disruptions in most of the physical working environment, every single company is trying to find a solution to manage and run their businesses online to continue their journey and growth.

Inception Innovation has been running its business since 2016 using the latest technologies:

- to connect everyone in the organization

- to optimize their tasks and project

- running offices activity using smart project managements system, tasks management system, communication system, financial systems and other modules to help everyone organize, manage and succeed in their job.

Let’s go back to basics to try to understand any business flow, we will see that 60% of tasks and projects can be optimized under one centralized system and modules to run and manage every single activity in the business.

Technology allows us to connect together and share our ideas and goals, but the question here is how are we able to do that?

A manager will ask this question: How can I manage my team and their projects remotely while still maintaining control of the day to day business?

The answer is simple!

Business success is the result of a team’s collaboration

And commitment to achieving a mutual goal and setting up a plan to reach this goal and executing all tasks required

Can it be digital?

Absolutely Yes!

Planning, Finance, Communications, HR, Marketing, Sales, Payments, Innovations

All of them can be digitized and organized in a way that can be even better than physical contact or meetings.

The world is changing into digital and innovation which is what makes us move forward towards the future and allow our creativity to find solutions in every aspect

Connect with us and let’s show you how we are able to optimize your business and shift it to become Digital.

COVID 19, businesses still thriving!