In the current day, Mouse has been a major part of the computing filed. It’s the most versatile hand-held pointing device the humans have ever created for a computer. The use of mouse began with the starting of the Graphical User Interface. Before the invention of Graphical User Interface and Mouse, all the data input was carried out by the keyboard itself.

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In the early iterations of mouse development, it used to be a ball rolling on a surface, two axis wheels that detected the rolling of the mouse ball, and a wire connecting the mouse to the computer. Nowadays most of the mouse have optical sensors that detect the movement of the mouse and doesn’t have any moving parts. Also, the most of the mouse now have a rolling wheel in between the two buttons (left and right) which is used to scroll through the content of the computer can also act as a third button.

We can see innovation in the evolution of the mouse technology. For portability, Mouse is replaced by touch pads in laptops, and for usability some extra keys are added in the mouse (specially gaming mouse) which can be mapped to any action in the computer. Also, we can find the mouse with adjustable weight in the market. The evolution of mouse has also lead to the fashion in the field of mouse.

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People tend to get fancy as well as try to get the most functional mouse available in the market. That has led to RGB light integrated mouse which can change color depending on the timeline or the action the mouse is performing and also the wireless mouse which uses Bluetooth technology to send the mouse signals to the computer.

All this revolution in mouse has been possible due to increase in micro controller processing power, reduction in component cost, increase in industrial competition and huge investment in research and development. Humans have successfully changed a mouse made up of track ball which gets dirty easily to a mouse that uses light to detect the movement.

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The first public demonstration of a mouse controlling a computer system was in 1968. However, the optical mouse has been popular among the consumers from mid 1990s as is popular till now in 2018. Let’s see which technology will come in the future to replace the optical mouse or maybe replace the mouse itself. No one knows the future of the mouse in next 20 years. Its our job to innovate new and optimal ideas to enhance the use of mouse or find a better technology that could replace the mouse itself. More research is obviously needed.