How to install jQuery Plugins to your website ?

front-end designer

If you are a web designer, you have already known much about Html, CSS and Bootstrap. We build many websites using Html,CSS and Bootstrap but only Html and CSS don’t grow your skills so that you should have some knowledge about JavaScript too. There are thousands of jQuery plugins which are built for design and make you skillful to build more creative designs.
JQuery is a library of javascript and designer use it for design too. As a designer, you should know about jQuery and plugins and should know about how to use it on your website.
Here are the steps to use jQuery plugins in your websites:
hould be clear about which plugin you are going to use, so that find your plugin on search engine like google and visit their site. 1. Read documentation carefully: Before using plugins, you should read the documentation clearly otherwise so many problems occurs while uploading. 2. Download plugin : After reading documentation now you can download plugin from source if there is github option for download. Also you can clone from github otherwise you can download normally and put it in your directory. 3. Find Dist files (JS / CSS) : When you finish the downloads you have to extract folder when extract complete there you can see css, js and html files inside the folder. From that folder you have to choose main js and css to keep on your js and css folder. 4. Keep JS and CSS : After keeping js and css on your folder you should give path for those js and css. For that you should give a path on your header or footer when you add path reload site and check those paths are working or not. 5. Initialize: After finishing your work, you should check whether there is initialize code or not. If there is no initialize code, the process is complete now your plugin starts to work otherwise if there is a code to initialize you should take that code on the bottom footer. Initialize code makes start the plugin on only after that plugins works. After initialization, you can restart the server now your plugin starts to work.